Your Guide In Buying And Collecting Antique Furniture for Sale

You may see a lot of antique furniture for sale, and most of them are stylish, fully functional, and sometimes affordable. Typically, these kinds of furniture were also popular back to the time when they were made, and they continue to pique the interest of the many collectors and buyers who want to furnish their houses. They are even a great form of investment, which is why people are turning to the antique furniture market rather than buying newly-made modern pieces.

The designs and features of antique furniture usually represent artistic values from an older era. These British furniture based pieces are also typically named after a monarch. For instance, Queen Anne, Victorian, Georgian, and William & Mary are often used to give buyers an idea about the antique’s unique decorative style and age. Older items would generally mean that it is more long-lasting and of the highest quality. Hence, people make an effort to figure out which era an antique piece was made before buying it.

Antique Furniture For Sale

The most durable antique pieces are the ones made in Britain from the late 17th to the early 20th century, which were often referred to as the English country house style. Most antiques made during this time were high-quality cabinets, particularly in the Georgian era. The style of an antique may prove its longevity, from the leg shapes of a table to the inlays on a furniture’s surface. For instance, some of the popular furniture decorative styles from the 18th century were Rococo, Palladian, Baroque, Gothic, and many others. But a lot of people have incorporated these kinds of furniture styles in the 19th and 20th centuries. However, this should not be the sole basis of an antique’s longevity and quality, as some fashions and styles overlap or were later revived by the newer generations.

Antique Furniture For Sale

No matter what kind of style an antique has, or when it was made, many sellers will offer a high price for antiques that never underwent the process of refinishing or restoration. As a buyer, it is necessary to meticulously check an item’s authenticity. For instance, make sure that the antique chair is stuffed with genuine wool furnishing fabric rather than a low-quality modern material like foam.

It is also important to look for the patina of antique furniture. Pieces that have been around for more than two hundred years should produce a waxy rim on its surface where people have touched it. Veneered pieces should also be thicker as it proves that an antique is genuine.

Antique Furniture For Sale

As to ensure that the surface of the furniture is still genuine and in good condition, one can run their hands on it. Ideally, it should be silky and smooth to the touch. The appearance of the antique’s surface also matters. It should be able to naturally develop into a beautiful and elegant finish due to age and time. Just by looking at an antique’s surface, you can readily have an initial idea about the item’s value, authenticity, and character. And this can help a lot in determining the best pieces out there today to purchase.